Politics: George Zimmerman Re-Arrested. The real reason.

George Zimmerman was found innocent after a long, grueling trial in which he shot and killed Treyvon Martin, an unarmed Black teenage boy.  Several months later many people, especially Black people, are celebrating and finally feeling some “justice” being served for the murderer.  However, what people don’t realize is the bigger agenda of what’s really happening.  I’ll tell you my theory.


Please allow me to first tell you a short story.  The IRS once purposely overpaid an elderly woman during tax-returns for a couple years.  She never complained, just accepted the money as is.  After a couple years the government took her to court to claim her stealing from the government. Nothing happened to the elder woman (as planned), they just let her go and let her continue with her life.  But why go through all this trouble?  Well, as a result of the case the government was able to create a new law.  They created an agenda, a reason, and a case as a precedent to create a particular type of rule.  This is a common strategy employed in a racism (white-supremacy) society.

Back to Mr. Zimmerman.  George Zimmerman is a non-white male.  Treyvon Martin is a non-white male.  White-supremacy (racism) culture doesn’t care for any of the two gentlemen.  However, there was an opportunity.  As planned, they had to make George Zimmerman innocent in the Trayvon Martin case so they could then create a new precedent for the future in the same way they did with the elderly woman and tax fraud.

But of course Zimmerman being non-white, you didn’t think they would just let him go that easy huh.  Plus giving a little justice to another group would make people feel good and satisfied while still remaining blind to the real agenda.  There you have it folks, don’t be blind, wake up and see what’s happening around you!



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