Melanin: The Chemical Key to Life – Dr. Llaila Afrika

The objective of science is to never use the word melanin.  Why is that?  We give all these names and numbers to things yet in school you never hear your science teacher mention melanin yet it’s the basis to everything in our body and in our universe for that matter.  The comical, and very intelligent Dr. Llaila Afrika does a fabulous job explaining melanin.  I had to post two videos.  Before I discovered these videos I had purchased his book “Melanin: What Makes Black People Black!

The more melanin you have in your body the more civilized you are, the more psychic you are, the more information you can store in your memory, the faster your nerve transmissions, the more you can absorb the full spectrum of sound, color, taste, smell, and touch.  In the following videos Dr. Llaila Afrika explains the meaning of convergent reactions (using less energy to produce more energy).  He also explains drugs.  A drug that does not affect melanin is no drug at all some say.  In fact we measure the effect of drugs based on how it affects our melanin.  To create a drug you have to  destroy, speed up, or slow down melanin.  It’s no wonder in the system of white-supremacy (racism) they use chemicals as one way to attack us; it’s an attack on our melanin.


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