Should Your Kids Believe in Santa Clause?


Some of us are in doubt whether to tell our kids of the non-existence of the fictional character known as Santa Clause.  We’re in doubt because having our kids believe in Santa Clause is part comical tradition but also part flat out lies.  Should we tell the truth now, or should we wait til some future age to reveal the truth, or better yet have the kids figure it out on their own?

The bottom line?  Children will continue to believe in their fairy tales for as long as adults choose to believe in their own fairy tales.  One false or misleading perception or belief (i.e. delusion) breeds other false or misleading perceptions or beliefs in a culture.  Children are conditioned to believe in a sort of holiday savior known as Santa Clause, a white, fat man with crystal white hair and rosy cheeks.  Adults, especially Black people, who endured hundreds of years of slavery were conditioned to believe in a holy savior known as Jesus Christ, a white man with long, furry hair–an ingenious idea to make former slaves worship a man who looks like and reflects the image of their slave masters (who would have thought).


Why speak about Santa Clause in relation to a religious figure such as Jesus Christ?  Well, what is Christmas?  Well, Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  You may say, well I’m not a Christian but I just like Christmas and Santa Clause.  Well, Santa Clause himself is a religious figure.  The name “Santa” means “Saint.”  Santa Clause has other names like “St. Nicholas,” and “Father Christmas.”  We all know of Hitler and the “pure” white race he has tried to create (a direct, outward approach to white genetic survival) in Germany.  It is of no surprise that Santa Clause originally comes out of German, Dutch, background and originally known as “Sinterklass.”

Listen folks, let’s do a quick test.  Close your eyes and say to yourself the word “JESUS” and capture the first image that comes to mind.  If that image is a white man with long, furry hair, and you’re Black, then you likely suffer from post-traumatic slavery disorder.  It is my belief that the image of both Jesus Christ as well as Santa Clause were systematically created as tools for oppression by the system of white-supremacy (racism).  They get you when you’re young, and they get you again when you’re all grown up.  No matter how strong you are consciously, these symbols get at you subconsciously.  We see white snow, white Christmas, white birds, white rabbits, white hair, white clothes, white light, white star, white skin, and colored reindeer workers, and a colored cross.  This imagery is repeated in both Santa Clause and Jesus Christ.

jesus-christ-on-crossSanta Clause and Jesus Christ are both figures and symbols in the system of white-supremacy (racism).  They have similar goals but also have dissimilar messages.  No kid believes a skinny Santa.  Santa is fat.  Santa relates more to the current unhealthy, belly poppin, white-bearded man we see today in everyday life.  Christ is portrayed on the cross as being weak, feeble, and frail.  Two opposites, but why?  I won’t go into the full details of the Symbols of Christ (you’ll have to read Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s book: “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors”) for that.  But I will at least tell you that the frail, weak look is a reminder actually to white men and women that they are always facing white genetic annihilation.   It’s quite simple.  White people’s genetics are recessive while non-white people have dominant genes.  So if a Black man and a White woman reproduce, you get an Obama.  If we all just threw down our arms and mixed, the white “race” would cease to exist.  Everyone would be non-white (black, brown, red, yellow) like the majority of the world already is anyway.

If you were the one who personally began the portrayal of Jesus being a white man who died on the cross yet you knew for a fact that Jesus was a Black man, let’s say, then the symbol would become totally clear.  If everything we knew that happened to Christ happened to Black man Jesus Christ, then the symbol would say killing this black man ensures the survival of the white race.  Because it is in the genetics of this Black man (specifically in his genitals) that holds the power to annihilate the white race.  Note, when I say Black, I’m really talking about any person of color.  It’s just that the threat level of worse to least worse goes in the order of “Black” (greatest threat to white genetic annihilation) to brown, red, and then yellow.  Other biblical parts then make sense too like the spilling of “blood.”  We know back then they looked at blood as being the genetics where today we know it’s actually DNA.  Did you know that Jesus was castrated?  Yes, many non-whites who were crucified were castrated.  Isn’t the Ku-Klux-Klan a white-supremacist group?  Did you know when they lynched a black man they also castrated him?  It all represents the annihilation of white genetics.  Why did the KKK often burn the cross during lynchings?  If White Jesus is really as he is portrayed today then what beef would the KKK have against White Jesus that they had to burn a cross?  You see, they know the truth in the symbols.

So, going back to Santa Clause.  Should your kids believe in Santa Clause?  My obvious opinion is no, they should not believe in Santa Clause in the same way adults, especially non-white adults, should not idolize and worship a similar white-man imagery when praying to Jesus.

Checkout the video below if you want to see what white-supremacy looks like in 2013.


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