Please read this introduction.


6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. why are you referring to me as “non-white”? i am not ‘non-‘ anything. i am something in my own right; a diasporic african. i am the subject and not the object. ‘non’ is the negative i am the positive. the ‘non’ status you have ascribed to me is dependent on whiteness while whiteness does not need me to exist. it exists whether or not i do, but i need whiteness to be.
    this is like the hegelian concept of riciprocity. the slave needs a master to be a slave and the master needs a slave to be a master

    1. You’re partially right. Non is negative. But in my view white is negative (in the sense of genetic inferiority for melanin/skin-color). Therefore “non-white” in effect is two negatives which makes a positive. It may also be worth pointing out that white and non-white are the names they made. They frictionalize us and divide us up into all these groups, names, colors. I’m like you brother, I’m African and my homeland is Africa. You must have a home somewhere before you can be at home everywhere.

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